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Sugar free, not bitter
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Did you know that nowadays 1 consumer on 3 prefers a drink with no sugar? But why you have to scarify the taste just because you want to be healthy? Almar has created a ginseng with no sugar, but creamy and tasty at the same time, and it’s no bitter! Why so? If don’t want to lose any client you should have a no sugar ginseng that is tasty as much as one of the most traditional ginseng. It is really WOW because it amazes your client that may not expect a zero sugar ginseng to be that good! And not only those ones who were looking for such product, but also those ones who have been consuming ginseng with sugar so far. Our ginseng it’s realized with only vegetal and natural ingredients, it’s lactose free, colorants free and with no synthetic additives. It is perfect for vegan consumers or for lactose intolerants.

The ideal drink for those who care about their health and wellbeing without giving up on taste and pleasure. The perfect combination between the intense taste of coffee and the sweet vitality of ginseng.

    1. Really sugar free: Ginseng 0+ is certified 0% sugars! Not only we do not add them, but they are not there!
    2. 100% natural:Ginseng 0+ coffee contains only natural ingredients. We do not use preservatives, dyes, additives, emulsifiers, hydrogenated fats or palm oil and it is gluten-free.
    3. 100% vegetal: it does not contain dairy products nor animal products. We only use vegetable ingredients free of any allergen. All consumers can drink it.
    4. WOW Effect: Market tests have shown that the consumer is pleasantly surprised to be able to enjoy a truly good and tasty sugar-free, natural and vegetable drink. Ginseng 0+ is fragrant and not bitter.
    5. Suitable for consumers of all ages: not containing sugar and having a low caloric count, it can also be consumed by consumers who until now, due to health problems, could not enjoy traditional ginseng coffee.
    6. Easy to prepare: it is soluble, you just have to add the powder preparation to the boiling water.
    7. Fast serving: does not waste time in the shop. Just select the desired dose and the machine dispenses the product in the cup ready to serve.
    8. More health, more wellness, more energy: the perfect product for customers who care about their health and well-being.


plus Wellness zero Sugar
plus Energy zero Allergens
plus Welfare zero Dairy and Lactose
plus Taste WOW effect

short Ginseng coffee Zero+.

Shakered Zero+ Ginseng Coffee

Regular Zero+ Ginseng Coffee

  • Shelf Life: 36 months at room temperature
  • Packaging: alluminium tin 400g (100% recyclable) - Nr 12 tins for box
  • ADV and POP material: table menu and desk totem Almar ginseng glass
  • Suggested machine: machine not needed / machine for soluble products



Do you desire a different product or packaging, or with your brand? Almar is able to produce also for private labels and to realize products according to customers’ specifications for the Ho.Re.Ca. markets, large-scale retail channel and Retail, also for small quantities. Ask for a customized offer!


● Using the machine for soluble products

Pour the powder into the machine container and press the dispensing button.

Machine for soluble products
confezione da 30 g 
400g tin Zero+ Ginseng coffee
100ml di latte 
1 tazza 
30 servings

● Without the machine

Pour 45 ml of boiling water and into a container, add 15 g of ginseng coffee powder preparation and mix very well. To obtain a more creamy product, use a shaker or a milk frother.

lancia del vapore della macchina del caffèe 
Steamer of the coffee machine
or hot water
confezione da 30 g 
15 g of Zero+ Ginseng powder
100 ml di latte 
45 ml hot water
1 tazza 
1 cup
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