What is soft ice cream and why you should offer it to your clients?

It’s well known that summer is better with a good ice cream in your hands. But do you know that there is another type of ice cream, way creamer than the traditional one?

What am I talking about? Soft ice cream, an innovative, easy and ideal product for your local.

But precisely…what is it?


Soft ice cream: what is it and what you should know about it?

Image to have a client who asks you to serve him a cone or a cup of ice cream , that must be creamy, tasty and that must melts into his mouth. Image it and there it is..a soft ice cream.

An English term that indicates the idea of fluffiness that distinguishes this product and that has been conquering everyone for some time: from bar owners like you to the consumers themselves.

In particular, we are talking to you about a type of production whose particularities make it so popular. In fact, you should know that there are three reasons for choosing it:

  1. It’s producted through a particular process with a specific machine
  2. It’s way softer ;
  3. It’s less cold on the palate.

What does it mean that it’s elaborated with a specific machine?

Compared to the preparation of the traditional ice cream, the one of soft ice cream contains a pump capable of incorporate in the product a bigger quantity of air that reflects the 50% of the weight of the final product. On the other way its creaminess is granted by the presence of a mixer that mixes the product. So that soft ice creams exits from the machine to be instantly put inside the cone.

In addition, the sensation of a higher creaminess is granted by the creaming and the higher temperature compared to the traditional one. We’re talking about a fluctuation between -6 degrees and -18 degrees of the traditional ice cream. The result is defined by the palate coming into contact with a 'warmer', delicious and satisfying dessert.


All the advantages of our soft ice cream

If you're thinking about innovation in your offering, you should definitely consider our soft ice cream mix.


First and foremost, it's the different sensory experience you can offer your customers. An experience created by the creaminess and softness of the product.

What's more, our product is unique, easy to prepare, quick to serve, and delicious and healthy.

A journey between taste and emotion that you can't do without.

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You really can't miss it!

Published at: 11-05-2022