Special hot and creamy chocolates: which ones to offer to your customers

This is the period of  hot tea  and  chocolates , but over time more and more people want to order unique as well as delicious chocolate flavors.

If you feel like  diversifying your offer , proposing a range of products that is not only of quality, but that meets the taste of your customers. You have to choose the best hot chocolates that you can offer in your bar.

Particular types of chocolates: the best for a drink 

We have said that in order to prepare  hot chocolates  that have taste and are of good quality it is very important to choose the right chocolate, but what are the characteristics it must have? 

The best and tastiest hot chocolate can only be found from taste specialists, where a wide choice also becomes synonymous with excellent quality. Chocolate must be made with excellent chocolate, such as  22/24 cocoa from the Netherlands Antilles. 

Almar offers a selection of gluten-free and lactose-free hot chocolates, with only four ingredients in order to delight the palate of even the most demanding customers.

You must always choose optimal chocolate qualities for your customers  . You can start with the choice from the most used qualities of all to the most particular ones.  Over time, in fact, many master chocolatiers have studied and experimented to give a more particular character to these varieties of chocolate.

Among these are the single-portion chocolates: dark , classic, hazelnut, nougat, rum, mint, strawberry, ginger, eggnog, gianduia, marron glacé, coconut and caramel.

Hot chocolate at the bar: the most particular 

Now that we have seen the particular types of chocolate that exist and what their main characteristics are, let's find out which qualities are most requested by customers!

In fact, even if with  Almar single-portion chocolates , you can offer a very wide range, there are some really delicious products that always conquer the customers' taste. Therefore, here are two slightly particular proposals for you that are most appreciated by customers:  hot chocolate for bars : white and chilli.

White hot chocolate

If your customers are looking for a drink that is particular and very tasty, you cannot fail to offer a nice  white hot chocolate.

Almar  offers the  Cortina chocolate preparation . Made with high quality   Dutch Antilles cocoa , this concoction contains only four ingredients, so it is very natural . It is also  without colourings, preservatives or additives .

Completely  vegan,  it does not contain gluten or lactose, which makes it perfect for satisfying every need, including those of those who are intolerant as well as vegan.

To prepare it, simply mix  a sachet with the milk mixture  and pour the mixture into the chocolate maker or single-portion chocolate maker and start the machine. In a few seconds you will have a drink ready to be enjoyed, to be served strictly in a hot cup. 

Chilli hot chocolate 

Do your customers like strong and decisive flavors and are you looking for a particular chocolate? Then try the chilli chocolate! The perfect product for sweet and spicy lovers, in fact, is hot chocolate with chilli pepper . Prepared with  dark chocolate  and a mixture dedicated to chilli pepper, this will have the right touch of "spicy" to your chocolate. 

We always recommend the preparations of  Almar . We have already mentioned that they are completely natural, but what you didn't know is that they are  free from GMOs, hydrogenated fats and palm oil .

From a nutritional point of view, chocolate is a product rich in quality, therefore the absence of these substances means that you can offer an optimal product that  also meets their tastes.

Published at: 14-03-2023