Hot chocolate for bars: the best for your customers

Surely in a bar hot chocolate must never be missing among the various choices. Always in great demand in winter, especially for children, it can also be suitable during spring and summer, at the right temperatures. For this reason, you need to know which one to choose and also how to make it.

Hot chocolate for bars: the best products

You need to have the right preparation to make a hot chocolate that is truly flawless and tasty.

A good bar chocolate is creamy, doesn't have too many lumps, and at the same time it's not too runny. All this depends not only on your preparation, but also on the product you buy to make it.

In our shop you can find different types of excellent quality chocolate preparations for bars, for professional use and more.

In fact, it is possible to find some single portions, also suitable for bars but naturally more difficult to prepare in large quantities, present in 18 flavours, plus 4 for the white hot chocolate .

The preparations contain real Dutch cocoa and the quality, therefore, is indisputable. On the shop you can also find chocolates for bars for professional use, therefore more suitable for bars.

They contain only 4 ingredients , are vegan and therefore suitable for any type of customer, as well as gluten-free and lactose-free.

They meet everyone's needs as well as being healthy because they are free from GMOs, colourings, preservatives and additives. This hot chocolate for bars is also available in the extra-dark or white chocolate version.

The flavors available are really many and adapt to every palate, even the most demanding ones.

For example, there are also alternatives for those who love more exotic and unusual flavours, such as the preparation for hot chocolate with pepper, caramel, or orange and cinnamon.

Surely having a wide choice is already a good thing for a business. For lovers of sweeter tastes there are several alternatives for white chocolate, such as the white variant with hazelnut or white with flaked coconut.


Chocolate for bars: professional results with chocolatiers

Naturally, for those who want to have impeccable chocolate for bars, it is impossible not to use the chocolate makers.

On the Almar shop we find different types, even if the most suitable for the activities are the counter ones. Those single portions are not particularly recommended for bars, which have to serve more customers and need more portions.

Almar chocolate makers are not bulky and for this reason they are also suitable for those who use small spaces.

Furthermore, they are easy to clean because there is no need to disassemble them and for this reason they do not waste too much time either.

Making a hot chocolate starting from a preparation using these special machines is very simple and fast.

Simply pour 300 grams of the preparation into a bowl and mix with a liter of milk (of course it is possible to use vegetable milk if the customer is vegan). When the mixture has become homogeneous, simply pour it into the tub of the chocolate maker. The thermostat must be adjusted to the temperature of 90 degrees for 50 minutes.

Almar chocolate makers have the advantage of being able to keep the heat very well. Later, when the density you want has been reached, you can set the temperature to 70 degrees and keep it that way.

The chocolate is ready to be served, obviously very hot, according to the customer's needs. In this way, not only is the work much easier, but the results are also more professional. The taste of the chocolate will obviously be better and this can only please the customers, who will notice it without a doubt.


Published at: 21-02-2023