Granita mix: the winning summer solution for your business

The ritual of granita results as a moment of communion and social relation for every person that prefer it as a solution to the rising heat.

A products that makes us famos alla round the world because of it thirst-quenching, inviting and colourful way of being, the granita becomes the ideal dessert for a refreshing break. At the see or even in the city, it is today the most requested profuct on the market.

What is granita?

A question that does not need any presentation because everyone know the anwer. But if anyone was wondering what this is…well let’s try to explain it.

Let’s begin by saying that between all the different products offered by an ice cream shop, granita is something between a sorbet and a popsicle, being, in fact, composed by numerous microcrystals of ice. It’s not a case that granitas have beeen baptised for their cristalline structure, “granitous”

Ice crystals – a must for the granitas – have to be be super fine, capable to be felt on the taunge but that must melt easily in the mouth.

Granitas are different from ice creams and sorbets because of some structural aspects:

  • No cremosity
  • Granulous and crystallized look
  • Semi-dense (almost semi-liquid) texture

These are the principals characterictics that tha a perfect granita must respect.


How did granita born?

If from a side everyone knows of what product we’re talking about, on the other noone knows the history of granita.

Its origins come from arabs and their Sherbet, an icy drink that tasted like fruit and roses, from which the sicilians added snow from Etna, of Peloritani and Nebrodi Mounts, that in summer was preserved in the “nivieras”, forerunners of modern cold stores.

The recipie was then perfectioned during the XVI sec. With th einvention of “pozzetto” (a wooden and zinc bucket, where snow and juice were mixed with a special crank to give the mixture more consistency) and above all of Broscia, earmarked since the beginnign to be the eternal compaign of granita.

At the beginning the flavours were strawberries, lemon and orange, but from the XVII sec. Came also almond, pistachio, chocolate, coffee and many others, ina continuous experimentation that goes on ‘til these days! As our offers.


Almar slush preparations

If you are looking for an innovative product that gives your customers taste, then you should definitely try our slush preparations.

And if your question is "why ours?". fear not, we are about to describe to you the benefits that will accrue to your establishment wherever it is located: sea or city.

First of all, we know that today the customer's attention seeking the scent and true flavour of fresh fruit is greater.

They do not expect to find a simple glass made of water and sugar.

And that is why our products made only from carefully selected raw materials and dehydrated fruit are the truly perfect solution.

Moreover, we have 16 different flavours available. Quantity and above all quality.

Not enough for you?

Then let's add a few more points. Which ones?

Easy to prepare: just mix the mix with 4 litres of water and pour everything into the slush maker;

Quick to serve: today, being multitasking and not keeping customers waiting is essential. Thanks to these products, you won't be wasting your restaurant's time;

Very high profit margins: like all Almar products, the cost per portion is low.  Suffice it to say that the selling price is about 7 times the cost per portion.

So a quality product at your service.

However, if you want more information, do not hesitate to contact us via our whatsapp chat. We will solve all your doubts.

Published at: 25-05-2022