What are the benefits of pistachio cream?

Pistachio cream is a pistachio-based preparation, ideal for filling croissants and other desserts such as waffles or crepes. But what are the benefits to consider in order to choose this cream? Here are some reasons.

The history of the pistachio

But do you know where pistachio comes from? The pistachio plant is native to Persia and Turkey, and was cultivated for its seeds which are used for direct consumption, in confectionery and to flavor other dishes. Known and cultivated since ancient times, it has been considered a precious fruit since the time of the ancient Jews. Suffice it to say that Queen Saba had a pistachio plantation for the exclusive use of her court. Today it is grown in different parts of the world, especially in Italy, the United States and China.

What are the properties of pistachio?

According to recent studies, pistachio is a food rich in beta-carotene which has many beneficial properties such as:

  • Rich in fatty acids in particular oleic acid, associated several times with a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease;

  • Source of proteins, which are important for building and maintaining body tissues. Just think that 100 grams of pistachios contain about 21 grams of protein;

  • Source of potassium, an important mineral for regulating blood pressure and maintaining electrolyte balance. 100 grams of pistachios contain about 740 milligrams of potassium;

  • Source of vitamin K important for blood clotting and bone health;

  • Source of tocopherol, a form of vitamin E that holds powerful antioxidant properties .

But what makes pistachio cream a perfect product is its versatility in the kitchen: suitable for filling desserts and cakes but also as a spreadable cream.


Goody: Almar's signature pistachio cream

If you are thinking of buying a pistachio cream that is ideal for filling your croissants, your sweets, but also as a cream suitable for breakfast, we have the solution for your needs. What are we talking about?

By Goody our pistachio cream. A new way to fill, enrich and create, while reducing waste.

In fact, among the advantages for choosing our product, you will find:

  • High quality: cold stuff the croissant making it much tastier;

  • Zero Waste: buy empty croissants to fill with this cream. You will avoid wrong choices and you will no longer have waste;

  • Multifunctionality: with the Goody cream you can fill croissants, waffles, crepes, garnish yogurt and cold creams, thus giving a touch of creativity.

Perfectly stored under glass (the best container as it does not release odors and substances) the pistachio cream is dispensed through the use of special stainless steel dispensers (which you can find at this link) thus also working on savings and reliability .

In short, with Goody you differentiate yourself and grow your business. But to find out more, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.


Published at: 21-02-2023