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Your customer will find the best hot chocolate only from specialists, where a wide choice is also synonymous of quality. Become a Master Chocolatier with the 22 flavors that Almar offers you. Since 1968 we produce the best hot chocolate using the famous 22/24 cocoa from the Netherlands Antilles. Vegan, gluten and lactose free, our chocolate has only four ingredients to delight the palate of the most demanding customers.

 Since 1968, only with the best Dutch cocoa, the powder preparation for the Italian traditional thick and velvety hot chocolate. Cortina chocolate is available in 22 different flavors.

  1. The highest Dutch cocoa quality (22/24)
  2. Only 4 ingredients
  3. Vegan
  4. Gluten and lactose free
  5. No GMO
  6. Without preservatives, colourings nor additives
  7. Without hydrogenated fats nor palm oil
  8. Without added salt


Classic Rum
Extra Dark Milk
White Orange & Cinnamon
Caffee Mint
Hazelnut Strawberry
Nougat Cannabis
Amaretto Ginger
Marron Glacé White with Coconut flakes
Chilli pepper Caramel
Coconut White with Hazelnut
Gianduia Eggnog

Packaging for hot chocolate dispenser:
250g bag (White)
300g bag (Classic)
1 kg bag(Classic and Extra Dark)

Single-serving sachets – 22 different flavors
Display case of 25 single-serving sachets of the same flavor
Nr. 6 display cases per box

Tin: Elegant and practical 1 Kg aluminium can with aroma saver cover (Classic)
Nr. 6 tins for each box

  • Shelf lifee: 36 months. Store at room temperature.
  • Packaging: bag of 250g / 300g / 1kg – Nr. 50 bags of 250g / 300g per box / Nr. 10 bags of 1kg per box
  • Available items for the shop: desk totem, table menu, mug
  • Recommended machine: hot chocolate dispenser.



Do you desire a different product or packaging, or with your brand? Almar is able to produce also for private labels and to realize products according to customers’ specifications for the Ho.Re.Ca. markets, large-scale retail channel and Retail, also for small quantities. Ask for a customized offer!


● Using the chocolate dispenser

Pour 300g of chocolate powder in a pot with 1 litre of semi skimmed milk. Put the mix into the chocolate machine bowl and cook for 45 min at 90°C; then adjust the thermostat at 65°C for maintenance.

confezione da 30 g 
300g bag of powder preparation for Cortina Chocolate
100ml di latte 
1 liter of semi-skimmed milk
1 tazza 
12 servings

● Using the single serving chocolate machine

Pour 30g of chocolate powder in a pot with 100/120 ml of  milk. Put the mix into the chocolate machine and presso the cooking botton.

confezione da 30 g 
30 g of powder preparation for chocolate
100 ml di latte 
100/120 ml of milk
1 tazza 
1 cup

● Using the steamer of the coffee machine

In a pot mix the content of one single serving sachet 30g with 100 ml of milk. Boil slowly stirring the chocolate with a spoon until the desired texture is reached. Fore a more drinkable hot chocolate (more liquid) use 140/160 ml of milk.

lancia del vapore della macchina del caffèe 
steamer of the coffee machine
confezione da 30 g 
30g of Cortina chocolate powder 
100 ml di latte 
100/120 ml of milk
1 tazza 
1 cup

● Using the microwave or a pot

Mix the content of a 30g single serving sachet with 100/120 ml of milk. Cook slowly using the microwave at medium power or boiling in a pot. During cooking stir the chocolate with a spoon until the desired texture is reached. For a more liquid chocolate increase the quantity of milk up to 160/180 ml.

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