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Do you want to increase your earnings by increasing sales and at the same time reduce waste and costs?

Enter the GOODY world and your dream will come true!  75% extra fruit jams, delicious velvety creams created to fill, garnish and enrich breakfasts, snacks, eliminating all waste.

Filling croissants and krapfen just before serving, with one or more flavors, makes your croissants delicious and unforgettable and your coffee shop a reference point for breakfasts increasing your earnings. No more unsold croissants to throw away at the end of the day, no more waste, excessive consumption and theft of single-portion packages during breakfast at the hotel

Perfectly preserved under the glass, the jams and creams are dispensed with the practical stainless-steel dispensers. Make the difference and grow your business with Almar Goody.



Goody is the new system to stuff, enrich and create, improving the product quality and reducing waste

  1. High quality: stuff the croissants with one or two flavors chosen at the moment by your customer and you will have a very high quality product, much tastier than an already stuffed croissant.

  2. Zero waste = savings: Buy only empty croissants without risking making wrong choices and being out of stock of the ones with the taste that the customer wants.
  3. Easier handling: Every day you order only empty croissants. Much simpler and less risky than order already stuffed products.
  4. Less space: Storing only empty croissants takes up less space.
  5. Extra Fruit: Goody jams contain 75% of fruit for an unforgettable taste.
  6. Glass jars: Glass is the best and healthiest container. It does not release odors and substances, is recyclable and is beautiful to see and exhibit.
  7. Multifunctional: you can use Goody to stuff croissants, waffles, crepes, but is also great for garnish ­yogurt, cold creams and to give a touch of creativity to your desserts and creations.
  8. Reliable and economical: Stainless steel dispenser is durable and reliable. It dispenses the right­ quantity of product without waste and is easy to clean.
  9. A taste for every consumer: 6 different tastes to satisfy even the most demanding consumers­.
  10. 100% recyclable packaging: Almar is careful to respect the environment.


Apricot 75% Mixed Berry 75%
Pastry Cream Buenito Cream
Golosa Cream Pistachio Cream

Filling Waffle

Crepes with extra jam 75% Apricot

Filling Crepes

Breakfast con Goody

Breakfast at Hotel


  • Servings: 135 croissants/jar (14g/serving)
  • Shelf life: for jams or pastry cream, 20 days after opening (6 croissants- each day), within one year for the others creams.
  • Dispenser maintenance: Stainless steel dispenser are easy to clean and dismount.



Do you desire a different product or packaging, or with your brand? Almar is able to produce also for private labels and to realize products according to customers’ specifications for the Ho.Re.Ca. markets, large-scale retail channel and Retail, also for small quantities. Ask for a customized offer!


● Before starting

Open the glass jar and insert the stainless steel dispenser until the jar is plugged by the lid attached to the dispenser. Pump 3/4 times to trigger the dispenser pump. Close the spout of the dispenser with the supplied cap. To increase or decrease the dispensed product, raise or lower the adjustment ring placed on the stem of the dispenser.

● Stuff Croissants and Krapfen

Insert the tip of the dispenser into the side of the brioches or empty krapfen, and press the knob of the dispenser until the end of the stroke. Extract and repeat the same operation on the opposite side using the same taste or a different taste to complete the filling.

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