Golden Bridge Infusions

100 tea bags
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100 filters pack
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If you think that offering your clients an ordinary infusion or tea makes you ordinary, Almar has the solution: a wide and exclusive collection of teas and infusions of Viropa, that is the result of a meticulous research of the best orchards in different regions of the world.

5 Good reasons to choose Golden Bridge teas and infusions
  1. They are unique: an exclusive product dedicated to a professional channel of sales, the result of the best orchards in the world
  2. They are scented: a prestigious selection of teas and infusions individually wrapped in recyclable filter
  3. A lot of flavors: a wide proposal of teas and infusions of Viropa allows you to have a wide assortment and offer in your shop
  4. Wooden box: classy wooden box (individually purchasable) allows you to propose the product to your clients in a more elegant way, who will be able to choose among 12 different flavors
  5. Eco- friendy: being Almar always concerned about the environment, the filters of our teas are entirely recyclable, as well as the packaging


Rose Hips Mixed Berris
Chamomill Peppermint
Mountain Herbal Mixed Fruits


Mountain Herbal

English Breakfast

  • Shelf life: 24 months at room temperature
  • Confezione: 15 bags pack
  • POP and ADV material: glass mug, menu
  • Suggested machine: not needed



Do you need a different product or packaging with your own brand? Almar can design new recipes and packaging for private label for Ho.Re.Ca., GDO and Retail markets also for small quantity. Ask for a customized quotation.

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