Decorations for Cakes and Drinks

garnish with taste
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Stimulate your creativity! It takes only one second to make the product very “yours”. Let your mind creates fancy desserts just adding Almar toppings and decorations: toppings are all our dressings ready for use and decorate your products, or just to differentiate your offers or even more to intensify the taste. Toppings and decorations are mainly used to enrich spoon desserts, ice-cream cups and they are also suitable to garnish cold creams, hot chocolate and coffee, because they add flavor and makes your plate aesthetically more attractive.

  1. Useful: to create your gourmand dessert
  2. Tasty: to give taste and guarnish the desserts, making the consumption experience pleasant.
  3. Good and healthy: gluteen free, no GMO, allergens free.
  4. Easy to use: just turn the bottle with the dosing valve and make a slight pressure to accurately dose the desired quantity.
  5. Easy to storage:they do not require special precautions.


Hazelnout grain Coconut grated
Amaretto crumbs Cocoa crumbs
Meringue crumbs Amarelli Mini cakes
Chocolate mini lenties (Smarties) Dark chocolate flakes

Soft ice cream garnished with dark chocolate flakes

garnished with hazelnut grains

Chocolate mini lenties (Smarties)

  • Shelf life: 12 months at room temperature
  • Packaging: plastic jar recylable and recyclable
  • Amarelli Mini cakes: 170g jar
  • Coconut grated: 320g jar
  • Cocoa crumbs: 350g jar
  • Amaretto crumbs: 350g jar
  • Meringue crumbs: 400g jar
  • Hazelnout grain: 450g jar
  • Dark chocolate flakes: 700g jar
  • Chocolate mini lenties (Smarties): 800g jar



Do you desire a different product or packaging, or with your brand? Almar is able to produce also for private labels and to realize products according to customers’ specifications for the Ho.Re.Ca. markets, large-scale retail channel and Retail, also for small quantities. Ask for a customized offer!

Granella di meringa bianca
White meringue crumbs: 400g jar
40 porzioni
40 servings of 10 g each
Granella di cacao
350 g tin Cocoa crumbs
35 porzioni
35 servings of 10 g each
Granella di nocciola
450 pack Grated hazelnut
30 porzioni
30 servings of 15 g each
Scagliette di cioccolato fondente
700 g pack Semisweet chocolate chips
70 porzioni
70 servings of 10 g each
Cocco grattugiato
320 g pack Grated coconut
35 porzioni
35 servings of 10 g each
Mini lenti di cioccolato
800 g tin Chocolate mini lentils
40 porzioni
40 servings of 20 g each
Mini dolci amarelli
170 g packet Amarelli mini cakes
17 porzioni
17 servings of 10 g each
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