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Powder preparation for barley coffee

Orzo Assisi Almar is a soluble powder mix to prepare barley coffee. It is a pleasant drink based on barley, for the well-being of the body. Assisi is the perfect drink for those who cannot take caffeine, for pregnant mothers and children. Suitable for any hour of the day, it can be used with milk for the preparation of cappuccino, as a relaxing drink or digestive at the end of a meal.

Assisi Barley

Barley coffee Assisi, is a soluble powder mix to prepare barley coffee. It’s a delicious and healthy dink.


Amabile - 250g bag Classic - 300g bag

Amabile Barley Assisi

Amabile Barley Assisi

Classic Bbarley Assisi

  • Shelf life: 36 months at room temperaturea temperatura ambiente
  • Packaging: 250/300g bag (100% recyclable) - Nr 15 250g bags for box / nr 25 300g bags for box
  • POP and ADV material: Almar coffee glass
  • Macchina consigliata: soluble products dispenser



Do you need a different product or packaging with your own brand? Almar can design new recipes and packaging for private label for Ho.Re.Ca., GDO and Retail markets also for small quantity. Ask for a customized quotation.


● with dispenser for soluble products

Pour the powder into the machine tank and push the botton to dispense the product.

Soluble product dispenser
confezione da 30 g 
300g bag
100ml di latte 
1 tazza 
150 servings

● Using the steamer of the coffee machine or hot water.

Pour in a bowl 45 ml of boiling water and 2g of barley powder. Mix very well.

lancia del vapore della macchina del caffèe 
steamer of the coffee machine or hot water
confezione da 30 g 
2g of barley powder
100 ml di latte 
45 ml of boiling water
1 tazza 
1 cup
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